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I'm Jason. I'm a New Media Artist located in Atlanta, GA. I work with any medium I can get my hands on to create some amazing projects. This is my portfolio. Feel free to look around.  I work with: vector and raster graphics, web design, print design, photography, video, social media, locative media, and live streaming.


I graduated from SPSU in 2013 with a BA in New Media Arts, and have done work for places like The High Museum of Art, Southern Polytechnic State University, The Sting, CareZips, iFusion Marketing, LaunchAid, and Alpha Graphics of Marietta. I've also volunteered with TEDxPeachtree and managed their social media sites.


I work primarily in the Adobe Creative Suite using programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Lightroom, and Premiere. I also have extensive knowledge in Audacity, OBS and project management.

Graphic Design




The Sting

Web Design


new media artist


new media artist

Graphic & Logo Design


Photography sometimes doesn't come out perfectly the first time you shoot it. The following photos are those images that I had to edit heavily using Photoshop in order to salvage.

Before, the lake is filled with trash, and debris, the color is washed out, and the exposure was a bit too high for my liking.

After. Maybe a little over saturated, but I liked the texture that can be seen in the rocks.


Panorama of the same area, with the same edits applied.

Other times, a photo has become damaged or faded over time. This is the last photograph my grandmother has of her entire family before World War II. She keeps it sealed in a plastic bag, stored in a box and isn't able to enjoy it anymore due to the poor state of the photo paper. For her birthday, I restored it and reframed it for her. Minor rips and wrinkles were removed, as were scratches and dirt. Finally, the faded sepia tones of the photo were changed back to a crisp black and white.

Print Design

The Decision First Executive Overview booklet was in need of a custom layout that followed the style guidelines of the company. This booklet was used as a reference material for employees to use in helping to explain what the company can offer to clients.

This Decision First SAP Hana poster was meant to follow the SAP guidelines for style, as well as customizing the poster for use by Decision First.

Kid Chess was in need of a mailer to send out to participating school districts for children to bring home to his/her parent/guardian. The design included creation of a vector image of the logo, chess pieces, and backgrounds. Final product needed to follow Kid Chess style guidelines, as well as USPS standards for mailers.

To be a secondary campaign to the mailer, Kid chess was also in need of a flier for children to bring home from his/her teacher. Each version of the flier was to be customized for each participating school.

The SFWDA was in need of a rack card for an upcoming conference dedicated to outdoor sports. This work consisted of a lot of back and forth with the client to make sure that the piece was exactly what they had in mind.

Sober Men Living is a company dedicated to freeing people from the mental and physical prison of addiction. This tri-fold was made following the general layout guidelines set up by the client. Keeping in contact with the client, I was able to give my input on certain design elements, such as the inclusion of the larger logo on the back and inner fold page of the pamphlet.

Temak was in need of a mailer to send out to medical providers in the Atlanta area to help advertise its services to potential customers. With a theme of focusing on what is important, this mailer took quite a few revisions in verbage to finalize.

Zap Tools mailer. Follows USPS standards for mailers, and Zap Tools brand guidelines.

WEb Design

Good web design considers functionality and aesthetic and blends them perfectly into an intuitive, and an aesthetically pleasing experience. But above that, it also relies on good code behind the scenes to help with search engine optimization and browser compatibility.


I take all of these things into consideration when creating web designs


Below are a few examples of live client websites that I have created. I also have HTML5 and CSS3 hand code examples that can be provided upon request. Click to view each site.

Levco Construction

Shannon Hames' Portfolio Site

The Sting

The Sting logo c.2012. Rockwell, SPSU Sans. Illustrator.

The Sting is the news publication of Southern Polytechnic State University. I took over as layout editor, where I would oversee the design of each issue, begin a huge re-branding of the organization, and oversee a transition to a new presentation format.


My first change was the logo of the paper. Before, it was a flavor of the month serif font. I replaced this with two distinct fonts, Rockwell, and SPSU Sans. The hornet, was also a redesign from a more ornate, raster hornet character, to just a silhouette of the same character giving the Sting a new, refined and simple look.


After the re-branding was completed, the next step was moving from an antiquated paper format, to a new, more modern magazine format to target the demographic of the readers, the student body.


The move to a new format, along with the efforts of the staff to write compelling articles, and create amazing layouts, propelled the organization to winning Organization of the Year for the second year in a row.


The final step in the process was the creation of a new t-shirt for the staff that was created from the vision of the Editor in Chief, Randy.

The Sting t-shirt design for the 2013 year.

My final, and favorite, issue that I worked on as layout editor for the Sting was the issue that covered the SPSU and KSU merger that would take place in 2015. The issued chronicled the visceral reaction that the SPSU student body had toward the Board of Regents of the State of Georgia, and their fight to save the school.


High Without Walls is an ongoing exhibition that is hosted on Trover, created for the High Museum of Art and curated by the world.


The High Without Walls exhibit allows patrons to add to the collection by taking a picture of a piece that they consider art, and posting it to the exhibit by using the hash tag #highwithoutwalls. The project garnered local, and national attention.


In collaboration with classmates, and professors at Southern Polytechnic State University, we were able to create a project that grew almost overnight. The exhibit features anything from folk art to murals, and walls covered in gum. The pieces are located across the United States, and the world.


Even Rich Barton, founder of Zillow and Expedia thought the project was a killer idea.

See the Trover blog post.


Discover some of the art and participate at Trover.com


Read more about the project from the MDJ and Geekwire.

I also worked on a sister project called "Live Data", which i consider to be a more locative version of High Without Walls, that would follow patrons through the museum using GPS enabled devices and allow users to help curate the experience in the museum. This idea worked as follows: GPS would locate the patron in the museum and curate the experience based on which wing of the High he/she was located. It would suggest works that the user could look at based on the patron's interests. Interest was metered through a user "liking" or "disliking" works in the High's collection.


The idea of this project was tested using a projection of the most famous works in the museum, and pairing them with multiple works as seen in the gallery. Users would then place a sticker on the works that he/she liked or disliked, and could place as many "like" or "dislike" stickers as he/she wanted. Hundreds of patrons participated in the project, and the end result reflected the overall opinion of the works and gave the High valuable information about which galleries, and pieces performed best.

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Portfolio by:

Jason Hartmann, v4 2016